after several disappointing visits to desert shops i had to resort to making my own waffles. i didn't think they looked that good i.e. not like ones you buy...but they taste the best
This foolproof model delivers perfectly crisp, buttery traditional waffles, batch after batch. The All-Clad classic round waffle maker's built-in beeper goes off when the iron is preheated and also when the baking is done, freeing you up to tackle other kitchen tasks with no risk of burning. It also features seven browning levels, and is non-stick to boot. 
The Chef’sChoice WafflePro Express Waffle Maker comes packed with features, such as a locking handle and cord storage, making it convenient to tuck away upright; two indicator lights; and an on/off switch, allowing you to store the unit plugged in (the only model besides our winning Cuisinart equipped with such a switch). Unfortunately, the waffles it produced were highly uneven in color, with pale edges and one side much darker than the other.
this thing is awesome. you will be trying to stick everything you can imagine in here to see how it comes out. a true winner and it made an excellent unexpected gift for my husband for valentine's day. he loved it!

For the second round of waffle testing, we used Stella’s overnight yeasted waffle batter. Although this batter also relies on steam to power the rise, the fermentation by the yeast fills the batter with air bubbles even before the creation of steam, so it gets a one-two punch of leavening. This batter was thicker than the buttermilk batter due to the air bubbles it contained, which meant there was no difference between waffles made in a flip waffle maker and those made in a non-flip unit. The same irons that performed poorly due to inadequate heating in the previous test fell short here as well, but with less dramatic results, because steam isn’t the only leavening agent in this batter.
This Belgian made waffle maker has been a European favorite for over 50 years. It is a very versatile addition to any kitchen. The back and forth rotating feature ensures that the batter is evenly distributed and the results will be uniform. The temperature gauge on the top of the machine allows for experimentation with texture so you can create a light, airy waffle or a crispy, crunchy one, whichever you prefer. A very special, unique feature of this waffle maker is that the waffle plates are...

works great.
also have a chef's choice premium iron that is awesome this one is much better great quality cleans easy multi functional does not stick at all
Our second budget pick, the Hamilton Beach Belgian Style Waffle Maker (26009), is another compact, good-for-small-apartments machine that makes consistently excellent waffles. It produces waffles more like those of our winner: thick, Belgian-style, with a crisp crust and a tender interior. Like the Cuisinart WMR-CA, however, this Hamilton Beach model tends to cost less than $30 but also feels somewhat cheaply made.
best waffle maker on the market

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Someone gave us one of these 12 years ago as a wedding gift. Used it every other weekend for all that time, and, like many heat-producing appliances, the heating element just wore out over time. We definitely got our money's worth out of it, and when it failed, we decided to get another one just like it because it had been so good. This one LOOKS the same as our old one, but definitely doesn't have the same quality build or performance of our old one. Hinge was loose and wobbly out of the box, the thermostat lacks precision (no difference between 3 and 5 settings), the heating element burns the center of the waffle while leaving the outside soggy and undercooked, it overflowed even with less than the 1/4 cup of batter recommended by the recipe, and the waffles invariably stick! We sent back the first one we ordered after it demonstrated these substandard characteristics, thinking it was just defective, and ordered another one. It wasn't a defect -- the second one had the same shortcomings: flimsy build, useless thermo adjustment, uneven cooking, and shallow waffle plates. It's too bad. This used to be a great product, but Cuisinart has cheaped out -- recommend you look elsewhere for a waffle maker.
perfect no mess waffles. my wife is gluten free and uses bob's red mill 1 to 1 gluten free mix for waffles in this breville and they taste like regular waffles. these gluten free waffles 100 cleanly release with no left over waffle in the breville. it's been long time since my wife ate a great waffle that was crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside.
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Use your waffle maker for something other than, well, waffles. Brave bakers can try pressing grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, hash browns and - yes- even pizza. If you’re a dessert lover, a waffle cone maker will bring the ice cream parlor to you. You can even create a Belgian waffle bowl with a specially designed waffle maker, and then fill it with anything you like.
we love it best waffles ever it performs beautifully — cooking to clean up.
That said, quite a few users say that this waffle maker isn't as sturdily built as previous versions of the same model, and that if you don't get the top heating plate aligned just right, it can fall off -- an injury hazard if the plate is hot. The top of the G48TD also gets very hot. Some use pliers to bend the metal clips that hold the heating plates in place, which helps them line up better -- or you can just use an oven mitt to protect your hands. 

No, this waffle maker cannot compete with the All-Clad, but at about a quarter of the price, the Krups sure gives it a respectable run for its money. The build isn't as solid—there's some plastic, no 18/10 stainless here—but like the All-Clad, it is generously proportioned to yield four tall, deeply grooved Belgian-style waffles per batch and, with an adjustable dial for cook control and an audible chime that signals doneness, it doesn't skimp on extra features. It does best the All-Clad in one regard: its non-stick plates not only release cooked waffles easily, they pop out for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. That's a game changer right there.
this is a no nonsense very sturdy waffle iron. it’s a beast for sure in size and price so make sure you have the counter space but i have to say it’s the best waffle iron we’ve owned and so far seems worth the price.
oh. my. goodness.i adore this waffle maker. it was between this and the allclad square belgian waffle maker also here on amazon but i'm so glad i purchased this one. it stores easily cooks well and doesn't stick.i love it. i'm a waffle making fiend now.
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To determine our original winner, we evaluated top-rated waffle makers on America’s Test Kitchen (subscription required), Good Housekeeping, and food blogs and websites like The Kitchn, in addition to the best sellers on Amazon. For this update, we started with the available winners from our original guide and looked for new competitors. We eliminated anything that cost $100 or more, since there’s no use in paying a lot for such a single-purpose, occasional-use machine. We also passed on anything with a higher-than-average rate of complaints about failures or overheating.
this is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. we tried a butter bean potato and spinach waffle on day 1 and it was amazingly good and of course the normal waffles are excellent too.

Love the look and feel of this waffle maker, but it takes 6 min to make a light golden brown waffle. If you are only making a waffle for one person, this product is great, but if you have to make them for family or friends, I recommend you buy one with a temperature setting. I sent mine back and bought one with a temp setting. Family can now enjoy waffles together.
i was so tired of making my favorite waffle recipe and ending up with limp dry and lifeless i started out on a search for the best waffle maker i could find. my previous waffle iron was a cuisinart 5 in 1 grill with waffle plates. the waffles came out un evenly browned... overly done in some areas underdone in others. i turned to my favorite kitchen resource america's test kitchen. the waffle iron they recommended is no longer made... so i turned to another brand i trust in my kitchen and that was breville.having already owned and been incredibly pleased with the performance of my juicer smart oven and pizza oven by breville i decided to give their waffle iron a shot.i brought it home from williams sonoma and unpacked it. this is a hefty quality machine. very well built and packaged. after giving it a quick rundown with the sponge i plugged it in turned it on to the buttermilk setting and made my waffle batter while it was preheating. several minutes and 2 beeps later it was ready and so was i.per the instructions i omitted spraying the plates with non stick spray that is called for in the recipe. i ladled enough batter in each segment to cover all the peaks and closed the lid. when i closed the lid it automatically set the timer to just under 5 minutes. the cycle finished and it beeped again to let me know it was ready. when i opened the lid i was presented with beautifully golden brown thick crispy waffles. they popped right out with no remnants left behind. i slowly broke one in half. the crust crackled while revealing the hot fluffy center. the moat around the edge caught the little bit of batter that oozed out.i put the second batch of batter in and closed the lid. this time the timer automatically set for about 30 seconds longer since it detected the plates weren't as hot as the first time around. the second batch came out just as perfect as the first.bottom line this is an expensive machine. but if you want to make the perfect waffle at home where you can control the quality of every ingredient this machine is for you.
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If you like thin, super-crunchy waffles, then you might be interested in picking up Cuisinart’s Round Classic Waffle Maker. This waffle maker can only bake one round waffle at a time (6 1/2 inches in diameter, 1/2 inch thick) but it consistently produces the perfectly crunchy waffles that some people prefer. It comes with a round nonstick cooking plate with four quarters, dual indicator lights, 5 browning settings, and will stand vertically for storing.
best waffle maker worth the price

As always, though, with any kitchen appliance, user reviews are king because they tell how the appliance does under real-world conditions with a real person at the helm -- and how long they hold up under that real-world use. Combining all those terrific resources with our own kitchen experience led us to our recommendations for the waffle irons that are easiest to use and clean, and, of course, make a perfect waffle. 

heston u did it incredible waffle machine . so easy to use and makes fantastic waffles .
I love making waffles, they are my favorite breakfast item. My old waffle iron (an Oster) recently broke, so had to get a new one. There are multiple features of this one that are excellent. The electronics are all on the base, so the top doesn't have to have any cords going through the hinge. The lights are helpful and settings cover a good range of lightly/little browning to dark/lots of browning. The cord wrap and lock is a nice feature as well, since it takes up less space when stored upright.

We rigorously tested the top 12 models ranging in price from $20 to $125 (at the time of testing) to find you the ones that consistently make the best waffles—ones that are crisp and golden on the outside while still fluffy and moist on the inside, ready to mop up country gravy, runny yolks, or warm maple syrup. We want waffle irons that reheat quickly so you can feed a crowd. We also want ones that are easy to clean, store, and operate. Because waffle irons are bonus, luxury appliances, we’ve found winners that we’re confident are worth the splurge (and counter space)—tools you’ll want to reach for any time of day. For those who don’t want to spend a lot, we’ve also picked our favorite budget models; they don’t work quite as well, but, with bonus features like removable plates for easy cleaning, we think they’re worth considering.
Unlike pancakes, waffles don’t require you to hover over the stove top, waiting for the exact right moment to flip them over. They take care of themselves; simply set a timer, check on the indicator light, or listen for the beep and you’ll have a delicious waffle all ready to go. Waffles make a convenient, decadent breakfast with relatively little work.

Our favorite waffle maker for regular waffles, the Breville the No Mess Waffle(available at Amazon for $103.96), doesn’t come cheap, but it makes the crispiest waffles and lives up to its name, making it a pleasure to use. For thick fluffy Belgian waffles, we recommend the Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker (available at Amazon) which bakes up two at a time. For great waffles at a more reasonable price, we like the Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker and the Presto Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker.

We’ve covered plenty of brunch-worthy appliances and tchotchkes in the past, including a waffle iron for Instagram-worthy waffles, eggcups à la Call Me by Your Name, the best French presses and pour-overs, and even skillets to make the perfect Chez Panisse–style eggs. Here, we’re doing a deep dive into the best waffle-makers available on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.) 
the family was sad i got rid of the old waffle maker till they saw how much better this model was. easy to select a heat the deep waffle well cooks better and the moat surrounding the waffles makes cleanup easier.
The mechanisms of all stand-alone waffle irons are pretty much the same, and relatively unchanged from those of their stovetop predecessors. Traditional waffle makers consist of two molded cast iron plates connected by a hinge, and feature a long handle to keep your hand out of the heat. The iron is preheated over a stove before the batter is added, and the waffle is manually flipped. These traditional styles work well, but they require some coordination on the cook’s part, as well as attention to heat regulation.
we bought this several weeks ago and have now made several batches of waffles. the waffles turn out perfectly cooked from the outside in. the non stick surface is amazing. this morning we accidentally left butter out of the recipe and the waffles still lifted out effortlessly. we tossed them and re made the waffles with butter after that. the iron heats up quickly. if you plug it in when you start collecting and mixing the ingredients it will be hot before you are ready to pour the batter in. the timer and settings are simple clear to see and easy to use. you can see exactly how much time is left until the waffles will be ready and it beeps when the timer hits zero so if you're at the table eating one batch you can hear when the next batch is ready. the waffle pattern is deep making thick waffles. the bottom tray is particularly deep with a nice tray around it to collect overflow. i am terrible at overfilling waffle irons. i ruined our previous iron another brand when the batter seeped into the knobs and i tried removing them to clean the iron. this breville is foolproof when it comes to spills. i haven't had anything seep out. the only area for improvement is how the power cord folds away. there is a place under the iron to wrap the cord and there is a little left over cord that hangs out the back. this piece of cord with the plug wants to flop down under the iron when you put the iron away. not a big deal but if any breville engineers are reading this take note. another nice feature when you reach in the cabinet to pull the iron out the underside of the left and right sides is contoured in which allows you to comfortably grasp and lift the iron without forcing your fingers under it. all of the controls feel solidly made. there is a latch on the handle for storage.