The Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker turned out to be a great little machine. I have made waffles about 10 times since purchasing the machine, and the waffles have turned out pretty much the same each time. We have found that certain mixes work better than others, but this is to expected. The two things I like most are 1) the timer, and 2) the relatively easy clean-up.
More than one of our tasters declared this model’s results to be “the perfect waffle.” And it truly excels at creating consistently thin, crunchy waffles. Those waffles were not quite as perfect looking as those made by the Krups GQ502D or the Chef’sChoice 840B, since the plate made a browner circle in the center of the waffle. But that was just an aesthetic issue: The waffles were just as crisp and delicious at the paler outer edge as in the center. If, however, you prefer a thick Belgian-style waffle over a thin, crisp one, you’ll want to go for our other budget pick (more on that below).
What we liked: The All-Clad is well built and sturdy, and heats up quickly and evenly for perfectly crisp, light, and consistent waffles. The crunchy, golden waffles made with this model are tall and square, with deep nooks. The All-Clad makes two waffles at a time in under four minutes and reheats fast, requiring just two minutes between batches. It browns evenly along the surface and between the top and the bottom of the waffle, even without a flip mechanism. A drip tray is fitted to the back of the unit to contain spills for easy cleanup. This unit is also compact, as it's equipped with cord storage and locking handles.
If you’re tight on space and money, the Black+Decker offers the most bang for your buck for thin, American-style waffles. It produces waffles that are thin and crunchy on the outside, with some chewiness on the inside; it makes four square waffles, with shallow wells, at a time; and its reversible plates and adjustable hinge convert it into a panini press for toasting thick sandwiches. The unit also opens up to lie completely flat as a griddle for eggs, pancakes, and more, making this a cheap all-in-one breakfast station. The plates are fully removable and dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup.
excellent quality...worth the price.
Some of the models we tested come fully loaded with features, while others are more bare-bones. The question is which of these bonus features, if any, are worth having. Almost all the waffle makers come equipped with adjustable heat settings, a feature we found mostly useless, since there’s almost never a situation in which you’d want anything less than maximum heat. It’s a feature that’s even more vexing on the losing low-end models, which, even at their highest settings, were not very hot. (There were some exceptions to this: Our winning flip waffle maker got so hot that we appreciated being able to turn the heat down.)
The mechanisms of all stand-alone waffle irons are pretty much the same, and relatively unchanged from those of their stovetop predecessors. Traditional waffle makers consist of two molded cast iron plates connected by a hinge, and feature a long handle to keep your hand out of the heat. The iron is preheated over a stove before the batter is added, and the waffle is manually flipped. These traditional styles work well, but they require some coordination on the cook’s part, as well as attention to heat regulation.
Partly I think my nostalgia is preemptive: it’s for Brussels. We’re not leaving, not yet. We have no concrete plans. We speculate, throw ideas in the air, see where they land, then back away from them for now.  It’s just that I’m beginning to think we might be heading towards done. Eventually I want more hens and less saxophone free jazz in my life and my husband wants space and peace. One day, perhaps not until the boys leave, we’ll do it. But this will forever be the place they grew up and it was pretty great, most of the time.
The Krups GQ502D took a little more time than some of the other models we tested to bake waffles. In our tests, waffles typically took about seven or eight minutes to cook, while the Presto FlipSide, for one, cooked a thicker waffle in about half the time. But the machines that cooked faster also tended to overcook, or to develop hot spots. A few extra minutes of waiting time is a small price to pay for golden, even-toned waffles, and the wait isn’t so bad when you can make four waffles at once.
brilliant and really easy to use and clean.
Users are almost universally positive in their praise for this waffle maker's ability to turn out consistently beautiful and golden waffles, with a perfectly crispy exterior. This consistency is helped by the All-Clad's unique design -- steam is released through a vent in the top of the unit instead of building up under the lid, which cuts down on soggy waffles.
“My girlfriend is great, but this thing is amazing. She laughed when I said it, but in an uncomfortable way, as if she knows there is a chance I may run away with this machine never to be seen or heard from again. I have never been so overly satisfied with a product that exceeded my expectations right off the bat. We made the traditional-style waffles and filled them with an assortment of berries and peanut butter and syrup, and everybody was satisfied. We even tried cooking eggs, just eggs, as an omelette, and at about one minute a little more you have perfect omelette bowls to fill with whatever you wish. Tonight, I may throw some ground beef in there just to see what happens. Buy this and never look back … Shoot, buy four and feed the neighborhood every morning.”
Making Belgian waffles has never been easier with the Bella Rotating Waffle Maker. The waffle maker's rotating function and browning control knob ensure even and controlled cooking. The nonstick plates make it easy to remove waffles without an issue and allow for easy cleaning. The space-saving design with folding handle allows for convenient storage.
Salton’s rotary waffle maker bakes an authentic Belgian style waffle with deep pockets to catch all the delicious toppings you decorate your waffle with. The 180° rotary ensures consistent baking and even browning. For those who like their waffle extra crisp, use the adjustable browning control to set your desired level. Precook your waffles the night before? No problem. Indicator lights will let you know when the device is ready to pour the batter and will also let you know when the cooking...

my husband bought this for me at christmas. it works great. its a little big in a our small kitchen but worth the space it takes up. very easy to clean up. cord storage on the bottom is a plus.
For those who aren't happy with just wiping their waffle maker down to keep it clean, the Hamilton Beach 26030 Belgian Waffle Maker has removable non-stick plates and a drip tray that can all go straight into the dishwasher, and users say they come clean very nicely that way. The indicator lights make it easy to use, and the adjustable browning control offers some customization. Most importantly, it also turns out great, fluffy yet crisp Belgian waffles.
A thick, fluffy, 7-1/4-inch-diameter Belgian waffle is already divided into four sections and ready to be shared when it comes out of this handsome waffle maker. That's because the grids' dividers are high enough to separate the sections. The grids are nonstick, meaning they readily release the four-piece waffle and easily wipe clean. A ready light shines when the waffle maker is properly heated to accept the batter and shines again when the waffle is cooked. With its chrome housing and stay-cool black synthetic handles, this 650-watt appliance looks great on the counter. Afterward, the cord wraps around the hinge, plus you can stand the waffle maker upright for compact storage.
as expected
For those who aren't happy with just wiping their waffle maker down to keep it clean, the Hamilton Beach 26030 Belgian Waffle Maker has removable non-stick plates and a drip tray that can all go straight into the dishwasher, and users say they come clean very nicely that way. The indicator lights make it easy to use, and the adjustable browning control offers some customization. Most importantly, it also turns out great, fluffy yet crisp Belgian waffles.
i can't believe i've waited so long to invest in a decent waffle maker. this machine makes the perfect waffle. no mess to clean up. perfect every time. a wonderful machine!

this has to be the ultimate of all my kitchen gadgets and believe me i have a lot of gadgets. i even took it on my caravanning holiday and cooked for 10 people. some were from holland and they all said they have never tasted waffles like it. if you ever need a quick dessert then this is the way to go. you can either have them hot or cold with cream ice cream or my favourite homemade butterscotch sauce and coffee might seem expensive but if you consider the cost of commercial franchised waffle shops cost about 10.00 each then it will pay for itself 1000 times over. and they are 1000 times better than any of the tasteless commercial examples resembling meadow muffins you can buy. go on treat yourself... oh and everyone around you
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Cook delicious waffles with the Chef'sChoice WafflePro Five Cook delicious waffles with the Chef'sChoice WafflePro Five of Hearts Electric Waffle Maker. This waffle maker incorporates a Quad baking system that makes it easy to select the ideal flavor texture and color and features a Stainless steel lid with a floating hinge to help ensure uniform thickness and baking. ...  More + Product Details Close
Users are almost universally positive in their praise for this waffle maker's ability to turn out consistently beautiful and golden waffles, with a perfectly crispy exterior. This consistency is helped by the All-Clad's unique design -- steam is released through a vent in the top of the unit instead of building up under the lid, which cuts down on soggy waffles.

this was a present. i have one and it is very easy and consistent to use. i feel it makes a nice present .

The first thing we didn’t like was an unpleasant plastic smell that emanated from the Presto waffle maker when we first started cooking with it. While this scent did mostly dissipate over the course of our testing, and most waffle maker manuals suggest throwing away your first waffle because of chemicals that might be released from the non-stick, the smell from the Presto made us more uneasy than the rest.
i am totally satisfied with the product and i highly recommend it and i'm belgian!
this is by far the best waffle maker i've ever seen. waffles are crispy as long as you chose darker setting light ones a bit softer tbh and perfectly cooked. it easily compares to waffles i've eaten in brussels as long as you know the proper batter recipe

i love this waffle pro. this is a upgrade from my first machine a cuisinart that lasted for a good 13 years. the waffles from this machine are thick classic over some of the many thinner models in stores. the cleanup is easy. i store in a cabinet on its side. i have used this machine for a few months now and the waffles have come out consistently delicious.

well worth every penny!
If boring waffles aren’t your thing, then this may be just the added excitement your breakfast needs. We think a breakfast with these Mickey Waffles would also be a great way to surprise your children to announce a planned trip to Disney World! And even if that’s not in the plan, these waffles will still bring a smile to the face of all Mickey lovers.
Get ready for more of a good thing with the Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker. Bake delicious waffles fast with this gleaming stainless steel appliance. Nonstick plates, indicator lights and a regulating thermostat make operation easy while the five-setting browning control mean your waffle will always be baked to perfection. Top chocolate waffles with ice cream for an update on the ice cream sandwich, or try cheddar cheese and chive waffles as an out-of-the-ordinary complement to soup or chili. It’s time to break away from breakfast!
The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker wins this category by a landslide, not because of fancy bells and whistles but because of the one thing it does very well: Turning out thin, crunchy American-style waffles. Cooking time is quick -- about three minutes per waffle -- and as long as you apply a little oil to the grid, its non-stick coating releases those waffles quickly and cleanly. The three-year warranty is impressive in this price range.

Krups' Good Housekeeping Seal holding baker wowed our kitchen appliance experts. It made deliciously golden, tender waffles every time and because it lets you select from five browning settings, our tasters — from those who prefer barely browned to super crisp — were equally pleased. Best part: Unlike most models, the Krups has removable nonstick plates that you can pop right in your dishwasher for cleaning.
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this waffle maker is straight from the jetsons functionality this thing is really good at one thing and thats making waffles. well if you've ever spent any time on social media you've probably seen food videos of people making hash browns or cinnamon rolls in their waffle iron. while i'm not saying that this wont work for that i would personally go for something with shallower grooves or a non belgain style maker. that being said if you purchased this thing to make waffles which you probably did it works wonderfully. i've made all types of waffles in this ranging from authentic belgian style liege yeasted waffles with pearl sugar to your run of the mill bisquick shake and pour in this and get perfect results every time. actually it is beyond perfect you get that crispy crunchy exterior like it was just out of the waffle maker on a fancy hotel buffet on the medium setting. the settings and wow are there a lot of them. i'm sure this waffle maker has more electronics in it than apollo 11 had to land on the moon. you can customize your batter type and your crispness setting with the very well built and easy to use knobs on the front of the machine. for me the default color is the perfect setting for most waffles and i like mine crispy. unless you like almost black waffles i wouldn't really advise going past the middle. if you like softer waffles make sure to go lighter than you think because you can always press the handy a bit more if it needs more time. now on to cleanup the nonstick coating works very well and you barely need any oil to get it going. the only problems i've had cleaning it is with those liege pearl sugar waffles i talked about earlier. the sugar caramelized in the bottom of the maker and took a long time to completely remove. however...this is more of a problem with the nature of the recipe than the maker itself. if you are just making normal waffles than you should have no problems with cleanup just make sure its cool first. finally the moat around the outside really helps with cleanup compared to traditional waffle makers but we will touch on that more next.problems this thing is huuge. when you pull it out of the box you feel reassured that your 250 didn't go to waste and you got a substantial well built product. this however is the only upside to the size. living in an apartment with a small kitchen it is hard to find a place to store monstrosity. it is also hard to find a place to use it on. its lid does not have a soft close feature like you might find on a fancy toilet seat it just slams shut if you let it go. this is a big problem because it is so tall. so tall in fact that it does not open under my cabinets and i have to use it in an area where there are no cabinets overhead. when opened fully it is taller than by 6qt kitchen aid stand mixer. if this is a problem for you then i would advise getting the 2 slice model because i would believe it opens to a lesser height. it is also heavy and has a substantial footprint. if you spend this much money on a waffle maker you might want to proudly display it out on your countertop but because of the moat that catches the expanding waffle batter it makes it have a very large footprint making it hard to justify giving it so much real estate for such a speciality appliance. if you do choose to move it back and forth from cabinet or pantry to countertop just realize it is not the lightest thing in the world.conclusion if you have 250 to burn on a waffle maker then you cant get much better than this but if the price is a barrier for you there are cheaper options from breville and other manufactures that will probably give comparable results without the price tag. if you have tall cabinets or an island in your kitchen this is a good buy but if you don't i would go for the two slice model just because that lid wont close slowly if your hand is under it and it can't be opened all the way prevent closure thus turning your hand into a belgian waffle if your hand thats holding it open slips. all in all this is an amazing piece of technology and its crazy how far simple things like a waffle maker have come. do you need it probably not but it makes killer waffles well every time and if you can get past the size and drawbacks associated with that it is a near perfect machine.also the measuring scoop they include is very helpful for portioning the waffles. i tend to add a little bit more than the scoop says but thats just me.

don't look any further. this is the best waffle maker out there and i searched for a very long time including reading all professional reviews on the best waffle maker. buttermilk recipe is the best

For those who aren't happy with just wiping their waffle maker down to keep it clean, the Hamilton Beach 26030 Belgian Waffle Maker has removable non-stick plates and a drip tray that can all go straight into the dishwasher, and users say they come clean very nicely that way. The indicator lights make it easy to use, and the adjustable browning control offers some customization. Most importantly, it also turns out great, fluffy yet crisp Belgian waffles.

Bella's rotating waffle maker bakes one round traditional waffle in less than 3 minutes, making it one of the quickest-to-cook models we tested. It received near top performance scores amongst traditional waffle makers tested, producing perfectly tender waffles from both a mix and from scratch and evenly browned 'em, too. Little ones helping cook breakfast will love flipping the waffle maker over after you add the batter. 
perfect take the time to make mix up the belgian waffle correctly and give it try
i just love it!
fantastic. produces consistent waffles every time. the only thing i dislike is that the plates are not removable for washing so it is a bit tedious to wipe between the grooves. i am still giving this 5 stars though because all the other things i like outweigh that since cleanup is minimal anyway. liked this so much that i got a second one for our other home.